Scrapbook Photos

Rome, Italy
“me, around age three”
my mom & dad
not sure if that is an engagement or wedding ring on her finger “
water baby
“lisa and her dad”
tokyo, japan
“me, around age eight, with my brother and sister”
high school
“my first acting award for playing Blanche DuBois in
 A Streetcar Named Desire for the high school forensics team
in the state-wide forensics competition”
“my first high school acting photo”
juilliard school of drama, new york city
“my first professional headshot”
costume polaroid from I Want To Keep My Baby – 1976
“my first movie of the week, filming in denver, colorado”
on the set of perfect gentlemen – 1977
“I was so excited to be starring in a movie with Lauren Bacall, Sandy Dennis and Ruth Gordon and being the workhorse of the production.”
living in hollywood
“a hollywood glamour shot”
living back in new york city
“finally, got around to getting some color pictures taken”
the beginning
“bruce’s surprise birthday and our engagement”
our wedding day
on the set of lionheart with ashley johnson
richard thomas’ 1950’s party
fighting for AIDS research
“this photo was published in a book benefiting aids research “
academy awards, 1991
“accompanying my husband, bruce davison,
when he was nominated for an academy award for
 Longtime Companion –
 wearing a dress designed by jean pierre dorleac just for me”
academy awards, 1991
“on the way to the academy awards… this photo was taken by our limo driver on the side of the road “
living in los angeles
“headshot from the late 1990’s.
I had great fun on this photo shoot”

at screenwriter john paxton’s house
“photo taken by sarah jane paxton
pregnant for real
“after playing so many pregnant women, 
finally getting to experience a real pregnancy
with robert altman who was working with bruce
“photo taken by joyce rudolph”
out for the evening
“photo taken by our babysitter”
being a real mom
“my most deeply rich and complex relationship”
year one
at the zoo
“with mom & dad”
my son
“around three years old”
with pooh-bear
“happy day”
“with all the moms – godmother, mother, mother’s godmother and grandma”
artist rendering
being a single mom
“enjoying life with my friend Joyce Rudolph
who took these photos”
photographs taken by famed photographer, Tim Zinnemann
the milk train doesn’t stop here anymore – 2007
“backstage during a performance of the milk train doesn’t stop here anymore with michael rodgers”
garland awards – 2009
“at the garland awards in a photo with the late great gil cates”
“photo taken by producr don loze”
“make-up by candy clark”
“on the town in new york”
“the graduates 2018”
“on the town in la with my friend candy clark”