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Jennifer Baylor Lisa Pelikan
Jeff Reed Bert Convy
Mrs. Calley Nina Foch
Sandra Tremayne Amy Johnston
Senator Tremayne John Gavin
Luke Baylor Jeff Corey
Jane Delano Louise Hoven
Dayton Powell Ray Underwood
Pit Lassiter Wesley Eure
Miss Tooker Florida Friebus
DeeDee Martin Georganne La Piere


Produced by Steve Krantz
Directed by Brice Mack
Story by Steve Krantz
Screenplay by Kay Cousins Johnson
Directory of Photography Irv Goodnoff
Film Editor Duane Hartzell
Associate Producer Don Henerson
Casting by Marvin Paige
First Assistant Director Cyrus I. Yavneh
Second Assistant Director Jim Inch
Production Coordinator Karen Gilbert
Music Supervisor Jerry Styner
Title Song
Composted and Sung by
Porter Jordan




From "Julia" To "Jennifer"
Lisa Pelikan Rises To Stardom

Her face is probably familiar.

     Her outstanding performance as the young Vanessa Redgrave in the multi-Oscar nominated film "Julia", launched her on the road to stardom.

     The lovely young redhead in question is Lisa Pelikan, whose vivid portrayal of the sophisticated and cosmopolitan young Julia, combined with her uncanny resemblance to Ms. Redgrave won her rave reviews and made Lisa one of the most sought after young actresses in Hollywood today.

     Ms. Pelikan is now starring in her first major motion picture, a terrifying suspense thriller called "Jennifer" from American International Pictures.  As Jennifer, Lisa plays a shy scholarship student at an exclusive boarding school who is so taunted and ridiculed by her snobbish rich fellow students, she is forced to make her own kind of revenge.  Her extraordinary supernatural powers are so terrifying ... so bizarre, they're unthinkable ... even to Jennifer herself!

     "This is surely one of the most spellbinding and frightening movies I've ever come across", says Lisa.  Which is why she chose "Jennifer" for her first starring role in a film.

     A native of California, Lisa spent most of her childhood as a world traveler since her father was an International Economist with the U.S. Treasury Department.  Although Lisa's first theatrical interest was dancing, when she was accepted to the prestigious Julliard Academy of Drama in New York she began to develop and perfect her acting technique.  Spotted by an important agent, Lisa was cast in The Hallmark Hall of Fame production of "The Country Girl".  TV work followed and Lisa recently co-starred with Lauren Bacall, Sandy Dennis and Ruth Gordon in the ABC-TV movie "Perfect Gentlemen".

     Produced by Steve Krantz (whose credits include "Cooley High", "Ruby", and "Fritz the Cat") and directed by Brice Mack from a story by Steve Krantz, the screenplay was written by Kay Cousins Johnson.  "Jennifer" also stars Bert Convy, Nina Foch and John Gavin.


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Vince Cornelius
for the use of this JENNIFER material
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The Phantom of the Movies' VideoScope
2014 fall issue


a note from a JENNIFER enthusiast:

The Drive-In Enthusiasts has learned that Sony has acquired the MGM video library and may discontinue the "Midnite Movie" series. One of the possible future releases could be "Jennifer." Please visit: www.dvddrive-in.com

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