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The 15th anniversary EstroGenius Theatre Festival ran from

October 2 - November 2, 2014

at the New York Theatre Workshop, 4th Street Theatre,

83 East 4th Street New York, NY 10003

Lisa received the Best Actor Award; the play received the Best Play Award;

and the director received the Best Director Award.

10,000 DAYS

The feature film version will premiere on the SyFy Channel

Sunday, February 22nd at 9pm.

The feature film version of 10,000 Days

was released on October 10, 2014

thanks to worldwide distributor MarVista Entertainment.

The film is available to rent or own on the usual VOD services below.

Links provided for you to use and share!

The movie version is also being distributed to the pay TV

and syndicated TV markets around the world.

The 10K channel on Metacafe has nearly 8.5 million views to date.



The Official 10,000 Days Website is ready for viewing at: http://10kdays.tv. To see the first episodes click here.

Lisa as Anna Hesse in 10,000 DAYS


From the director, Eric Small: "Our hard work is coming to fruition. Because of our partnership with MyEZtv, users on the internet will be able to view our content in HD whether they’re at their local coffee shop (using a wireless connection) or in an airport on their iPhone.  It’s premium internet entertainment whenever and wherever they want it.  Streaming live — no buffering or download time — in HD.  No one has the ability to do this yet.  We’re going to be the first to market with this technology.  And our website is being designed by Hybrid Studios who created the websites for Generation Kill and the 300.  Hybrid is integrating amazing visual effects by the extraordinary Café FX team and sound design from Skywalker.  Both companies joined the project with open arms — charging us a fraction of their normal fees because of their excitement for the project."


Lisa was seen in RAKE on Fox TV starring Greg Kinnear,

directed by Sam Raimi



Lisa starred in The Normal Heart at The Fountain Theatre in Hollywood, CA, directed by Simon Levy.

Lisa received a LA Weekly Award Nomination for

Best Supporting Female Performance

reviews & photos to come ...




                                                                                    Lisa Pelikan and Tim Cummings in The New Electric Ballroom

Lisa starred in The New Electric Ballroom by Enda Walsh

(winner of the 2012 Tony Award for Once)

at Rogue Machine Theatre Company in Los Angeles, CA

Read the rave reviews:

Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Back Stage, Examiner.com

2012 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Ensemble

2012 LA Weekly Theater Award Nomination

Lisa Pelikan for Leading Female Performance

“It is a flawless work of art, in my estimation, riveting from first moment to last. I have rarely seen anything in Los Angeles with such depth of both spirit and technique, where soul and product are in such lock-step as though this play were a competitive, Heaven-bound dance… All four actors, Casey Kramer, Lisa Pelikan, Betsy Zajko and

Tim Cummings, are astounding... Standing ovations, and rightly so... Lisa Pelikan (as Breda) is a

standout among the sisters, with the authenticity of her regional dialect as striking as her

haunted facial expressions.

LA Examiner

CRITIC’S CHOICE! “The actresses taking on these roles in this Rogue Machine offering seem as though

they've inhabited this cramped world since birth. As the two older sisters, Lisa Pelikan's Breda,

pinched with anger, eyes pooling with old sorrow, and Casey Kramer's Clara, fleshy, sweetly bovine,

a soft heart stunned by cruelty, are by turns heartbreaking and exasperating as they reenact a fateful

sequence of events at the titular dance hall in which romantic fantasy turned into humiliating nightmare... the emotion behind their theatrical expression is made crystal clear in this haunting production. ”

Los Angeles Times

PICK OF THE WEEK! “These characters make a thoroughly engaging impression, performances are top-flight.” LA Weekly

Pelikan, putting on a fiercely formidable face as Breda to mask her extreme sorrow, is remarkable...

a kind of sensual experience of pain/pleasure one is unlikely to forget - ever.



“Director John Perrin Flynn has cast the play beautifully; all four performances are terrific. Pelikan's Breda

is a domineering authoritarian, but she reveals hints of madness and glimmerings of the lusty girl

she once was.

Back Stage


As Breda, the oldest and perhaps most emotionally stunted of the sisters, Lisa Pelikan is

also comfortable in stillness. The beauty of her work is its simplicity and depth.

Stage and Cinema


“Fantastic performances! Pelikan excels as Breda, perhaps the strongest of the three sisters,

but also the most brittle. It's notable that when Breda tells her version of Clara's story,

she ends in bitterness, and Pelikan captures that quality with expert skill.


I can say without reservation is that astonishing work is being done on the Rogue Machine stage by

Kramer as Clara, Pelikan as Breda, Zajko as Ada, and Cummings as Patsy. In fact, you won’t find

four better, richer performances in town that those delivered by these four actors.


“The cast works as a masterful ensemble, and their Irish dialects demonstrate

these American actors’ perfect technique.”

Cultural Weekly

The passion, pain and hostility in the sisters’ shared relationships are expertly conveyed in the layered performances of Pelikan, Kramer and Zajko, whose interplay is frequently riveting.”



An interview with our director, John Flynn: LA Stage Times Article



Lisa directed The Disconnect by Meredith Simonds with

The Los Angeles Playwright's Lab at Theatre Asylum in Hollywood, CA.


Lisa directed a staged reading of The American Plan by Richard Greenberg with Interact Theatre Company at The NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood.


The American Premiere of Never Land by Phyllis Nagy opened Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009 at the Rogue Machine Theatre Company in Los Angeles.  Never Land was first produced at London's Royal Court Theatre, where Phyllis Nagy was writer-in-residence during Stephen Daldry's tenure as artistic director.

"Phyllis Nagy's astonishingly powerful, visionary love story builds through comedy to a deeply moving final act. The rapturous quality of the writing dwarfs virtually everything else on the London stage. Like great music, the less you worry at it and the more you let its passion flood over you, the more you'll fall for it."
--David Benedict, The Independent

Reviews For Never Land: LA Theatre Review - "Wins the award for the most challenging theatre I've seen thus far in Los Angeles... The play centers on the Joubert family, a delightfully manic bunch...  Lisa Pelikan seamlessly slips from biting sarcasm to winsome madness in a single breath as Anne Joubert." Variety - "Pelikan -- a gorgeous, damaged Dresden doll... the thesps execute the bittersweet denouement with consummate skill." FineArtsLA.com - "As Anne Joubert, Lisa Pelikan delivers a subtle blend of fragile despair and cruel irony. Her classic features and long red hair enhance Nagy’s portrait of faded beauty clinging to memories of former glory." CurtainUp.com - "Excellent cast!... Lisa Pelikan plays Anne with an other-worldly air." L.A. Weekly - GO! - "Beautiful!... The comedy is lyrical, urbane and erotically charged." ReviewPlays. com - "Incredibly polished ensemble!" Back Stage - "Skillfully acted production... The actors keep the often-cryptic text interesting, suggesting the despair beneath the surface. Pelikan’s haunting portrayal brings to mind the suppressed anguish of morphine-addicted Mary Tyrone in Eugene O’Neill’s “Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Coast to Coast Newspaper - "Outstanding cast!... Lisa Pelikan plays Anne with the sprightly, spacy air of a young Billie Burke." L.A. Times - "The actresses cut sharp outre figures and the entire cast of this Rogue Machine offering demonstrates an admirable commitment." Campus Circle - "Heartbreaking... a strong cast, beautiful costumes and a brilliant set design bring it all together." EyeSpyLA.com - "Brilliant... Breathtaking... Thrilling... The cast is excellent... Lisa Pelikan simmers underneath the tumultuous surface of addiction."



This Book Will Save Your Life by A.M. Homes.  In this very funny 5-part adaptation of the popular novel, Lisa plays 'Cynthia' the woman who cries over vegetables.This radio drama was produced and directed by Tim Dee and adapted by Penny Leicester for BBC Radio 4. It aired on BBC Radio 4 from March 30 through April 5, 2009.


Reviews for Milk Train: CurtainUp.com - "The third inhabitant of Sissy's villa is her secretary, Frances Black called Blackie, whom Sissy taunts for her Vassar airs and her formal way of referring to her late husband. To Sissy's "The dead are dead and the living are living," Blackie retorts, "Not so, I'm not dead but not living!" As Blackie, Lisa Pelikan, looking like a young Deborah Kerr, gives the play a sense of balance, playing the audience's advocate with a yearning delicacy.  (Milk Train) is getting the best performance it's likely to have at the Fountain Theatre under the direction of Simon Levy, whose intuitive understanding of the playwright has earned him exceptional privileges from the vigilant Williams estate." Los Angeles Times - "Talented cast! The The Fountain's Theater's new production lunges into this problematic play with energy and enthusiasm. The cast is deliciously game." L.A. Weekly - "SUPERB! Director Simon Levy and a terrific cast ... do a magnificent job of bringing this black comedy to life."

Back Stage West - "CRITIC'S PICK - Fascinating Production! -
Helpmate and secretary to the moribund Mrs. Goforth is the crisply efficient Blackie, brought to life by Lisa Pelikan in a most engaging way. She never once runs out of ways to react to the compounding weirdness around her."


As part of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences series, It's Great to be Nominated, the 30th anniversary of the release of Julia, and the centennial of Fred Zinnemann's birth; The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented a screening of Julia at The Academy.  After the film screening, there was symposium with some of the filmmakers involved, including Lisa Pelikan who played Young Julia, sharing the title role with Vanessa Redgrave.


Lisa filmed the Hallmark Channel television movie Sacrifices of the Heart, as 'Virginia Doyle'.  To watch a video clip of Lisa
click here for a Quicktime File video clip
click here for a Windows Media File video clip



Lisa starred as Amanda in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams at The Colony Theatre in Burbank, CA.  Jessica Kubzansky directed.  For more photos and reviews Click here


Lisa starred as Lady Anne in H6R3, Austin Pendleton's new play at The Promenade Theatre in New York City. The late Lynn Redgrave played Margaret and Austin Pendleton played Richard III.  This was a benefit staged reading from The Mirror Repertory Company for a future off-Broadway production.  Sadly, there will no longer be a future production with Ms. Redgrave.   (The title is short for "Henry VI and Richard III." Playwright Pendleton has adapted the Shakespearean history plays Henry VI, Part I and II and Richard III into a new work.)

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